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Our cottage, which we named Jindriska, stands in the picturesque village of Valterice in the foothills of the Orlicke mountains for 170 years. It remembers the times when the village was much larger and livelier than it is today. Originally my great-grandmother and grandmother lived there, as well as my father for the most of his childhood. In Valterice he went to school, which unfortunately no longer exists today, he remembers where the original cottages stood and remembers that there were 3 pubs. Today it is a much quieter village, ideal for relaxation.

In the early seventies the cottage was essentially abandoned and very dilapidated. At that time, my parents began the first repairs that allowed us to spend time there again. Most school holidays and holidays were spent here. I will never forget the expeditions searching for many dusty treasures the attic was full of at that time. Many of them now serve as an authentic decoration, as well as a tribute to the past.

Since my childhood, many years have passed, and the cottage has experienced a period when no one had time for it and at one point it was almost put up for sale. And so, three years ago, I decided to complete the reconstruction she had been waiting so long for.

A lot of hard work and love can be seen in our Jindriska. It was a pleasure to be able to watch the cottage as it slowly returned to life, it has become perhaps even more charming than it used to be. We managed to save most of the remaining original furniture and equipment, despite the fact, that everything was badly damaged and showed signs of their age. Take a step into the past noticing the antique wardrobes, benches, baby cradle or wooden sledge.

The beautiful wide chimney passing through the centre of the cottage is original and the fact that we managed to keep it has made us very happy. The fireplace once used to be a large bread oven is now repurposed to keep you warm on cold winter days. The arches in the kitchen and cellar are also original. There was never water in the cottage, it had to be brought from the creek below the cottage.

We tried to keep Jindriska to maintain its historical character, with all its niches and low entrances, while offering all the comforts. Jindriska has its unmistakable charm and anyone who has the opportunity to spend some time here will tell you that they felt very comfortable and did not want to leave the peace and quiet of this charming place, even I experience these feelings every time I leave Valterice. If you are interested in the reconstruction of Jindriska, you can see some photos in our gallery or complete photo presentation is prepared for you in our cottage.

Although we have maintained its antique character, our cottage offers our guests all the comforts that one is accustomed to, we hope that you will enjoy your stay with us. The serenity of this secluded village, together with untouched nature, will surely make you forget about the stress and dramas of everyday life. We are looking forward to your visit.